In the above clip from "the men who stare at goats"; George Clooney plays Master Brusso in Real Life! And you see the "defender"; then known as the predator.
Here is the Self Defense Weapon in Action!

The Self Defense Weapon

You are here for a reason. Regardless if you stumbled upon this site or found us as a result of a search on self defense weapons; you are here for a reason!

God forbid you should ever have to defend yourself at close quarters fighting but if you do... Your life may hang in the result of what you do right now.

From home invasion or now the God-awful  "knock out game", you need to be prepared to defend yourself.

What is your life worth?

When the bad guy(s) come a calling, I believe you have the right to defend yourself and these self defense weapons will do just that.

These self defense weapons are easy to use. Only takes 20 minutes to learn, are legal, and you will have a significant edge over your attacker. 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the self defense weapons.

It can save your life or the life of your loved ones....
Simple, easy to use, quick to learn and I know you want one!
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Statistics show that you don't usually get a second chance at defending yourself... Make your choice to survive and purchase a defender today!
Happy New Year to Everyone!
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Teach: earn money and save peoples lives. Does it get better then this? No martial arts experience required!
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Take the fear out of defending yourself!
Factoid 2012: there were 143,119 cases of aggravated assault with a firearm: 123,701 with a knife; 214,484 other weapon and: 176,241 with hands/fists/feet. Source
It's really all about giving you options to save your life when the bad guy comes a calling!
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