In the above clip from "the men who stare at goats"; George Clooney plays Master Brusso in Real Life! And you see the "defender"; then known as the predator.
Here is the Self Defense Weapon in Action!

The Self Defense Weapon as seen on TV!

Do you feel confident enough to defend your life or the
life of your loved ones?

I completely understand with the fear that comes from
having to protect yourself.

There's nothing more humiliating than to go and
defend yourself with nothing. No weapon or even any
training. Not a fun place to be in for sure.

You end up feeling confused and overwhelmed by all
the possible choices of self defense weapons and/or

Until now the only way to reverse this situation and
fear, has been to purchase a gun and get a concealed
carry permit. Or to take years of martial arts to build
up your skills to the point where you might withstand a
violent attack.

Learning martial arts can take years and be very
expensive: both momentarily and the toll on your body.
Not to mention that the type of martial art you need is
a combat martial art because sport arts are not that
valuable on the street. Don't get me wrong, anything is
better than nothing; that is for sure.

And this is why I'm so excited to be able to share my
invention with you today. It's called "the defender".

My name is Master Peter Brusso and I have spent
over 54 years in the martial arts. So I know how long it
takes to get to the point that you can defend yourself.
This is why I invented the defender... to give you a
fighting chance that really can work plus takes only 20
minutes to learn to use.

And what I've proven over and over in my own
business is that the easiest and most reliable way to
ramp up your self defense capabilities is with
something that can give you more leverage against
your opponent.

It's literally the difference between life and death out
there on the streets or heaven forbid a home invasion.
My defenders can seriously help you defend yourself
and they are very easy to use. Quick to learn and
completely legal. I even guarantee them! If you don't
like your defender or after you purchase you find you
don't like it... 100% money back guarantee.
Simple, easy to use, quick to learn and I know you want one!
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Statistics show that you don't usually get a second chance at defending yourself... Make your choice to survive and purchase a defender today!
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A defender has some extreme benefits for your self defense. First they cause as much damage as you want and the pain from
these weapons is just wild. It doesn't look like much but boy they really cause lots of pain to your attacker: thus stopping the
attack. They can be carried almost anywhere you go. Easy to put into your pocket and quick to deploy. Another great benefit is
that the attackers don't know what it is. If it is taken away from you or dropped, unlike a knife or a gun it can't be used against
you. They simply don't know what it is! But you do and that's what counts here.

Please see the videos here on this webpage to view how well they work and how easy it is to use.

Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover:

* They are very effective!

* Simple to use!

* Quick to deploy!

* Legal in most areas of the world.

* Inexpensive to purchase.

* 100 % money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

* Made in the USA!

* Comes in various models for your self defense needs.

Here's what people are saying about the defenders:
"Well Sir what can I say, I have taught martial arts, Jiujutsu, japanese weapons, escrima, self-defense and Kyusho for twenty
years, and recently I retired from dojo teaching to just teach private students, and in all that time little have ever surprised me....
your tool has. I have been playing with your defender 1 for the last two days and frankly am gobsmacked at its versatility its a
kyusho/dim mak practitioners dream, utterly fantastic. Moves like a Karambit, combined with small circle locking on the thumb,
combined koppo on pressure points. Just fantastic....all the best to you sir.

Renshi Darren Carmichael"

I interact with some of the top executives in the world of business and train many of them in the art of Executive Self Defense.
They travel the world with regularity and in an ever changing dangerous environment must meet the new challengers of today. I
recommend the Defender as the first line of defense. It is easy to carry; it does not look like something life threatening (even
though it is) and it is easy to use. The best part is you have so many styles to choose from it allows you to custom one to your
own personality and skill set. The fact you have the Defender along with easy to use instruction makes this a must have as you
can control the delivery of punishment you determine necessary. As a Martial Artist I carry many weapons but rely on the
Defender as my first line of defense.

Larry B. Ahlquist
Los Angeles

Affordable I said... the defenders range from only $14.95 up to $21.95 only!
Your other choices for self defense could be pepper spray at $16.95 and up, a hand gun at $400 up, or even a flexible baton at
$29.95. Pepper spray can't go on an airplane, in most states guns are illegal to conceal carry without permits, and the flexible
baton is illegal in most states in the USA.

But the reason I invented the defender is to help people who desperately want to be safer in a violent situation, but just can't
afford those outrageously expensive options like a hand gun.

So let's just make this a no-brainer decision for you Okay?

The defenders are so inexpensive that it just makes sense to get started today and make your family safer with a starter kit.
You get a defender 1 and the simple to use training DVD. Or you can purchase just the defender 1 and online training. You can
train for your defender that is in the mail to you! You will be all spun up by the time the defender 1 gets to you. The starter kit is
only $29.95! Or you can get a defender 1 for $14.95 and online training for only $9.95. You can watch the online training as
many times as you want! But what is important right now is you take the first step to being more capable to defending you and
your family!

So don't delay any more click the BUY now button! Get on the road to self protection today.

Again, if you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money, yes 100% of your money! It's a no risk offer!
Remember: The bad guys have their weapon.... do you? Don't wait any longer... They haven't!!!!
This simple self defense weapon can really save your life... it's just that simple.

If you should ever have to defend yourself the defender will give you a fighting edge. You won't be defenseless or helpless
again. I have even heard that some of my clients walk a bit taller and with more confidence. We all know that the bad guys don't
like that and look for an easier victim.

Purchase now so you won't be a victim of violent crime. We always say; when the bad guy comes a calling... give him the bad
day. Order yours right now and get ready to feel more confident... less of a victim. Should you have any questions please feel
free to contact me to discuss the defenders. Otherwise, order now and be assured that it's a 100% money back guarantee!
What are you waiting for?

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A super great interview with Tom Bauerle from WBEN in NY!
Our "starter kit" is now in the form of a "digital starter kit", and that is you purchase this kit, we send you the Defender 1 Self Defense Weapon and we email you the link to the UNLIMITED Online training Video! You get to train all the while your defender is in route to you! It's the place to start your defender experience. Also know that you can purchase any of our models of defenders and then purchase the Unlimited online training.
The guppy is back! But it's all NEW. This was one of the first self defense weapons that were invented. It literally started the whole product line and the way of thinking about your self defense.

It can go anywhere with you as it has no sharp points or the like, so places that screen for weapons will see the guppy as a non threat

It looks like a religious symbol, a fish, and who would take your religious symbol away from you... Brilliant don't you think?

It does most of the same things as a defender 1 and can most certainly defend you and your loved ones.
The new Guppy!
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A quote from John Enger Sense... "Get acquainted with the Anjing Banfa system of the Hanbo. It is a formidable weapon....a great tool to use while out walking. This is the best teaching you will find on the use of the hanbo by Master Peter Brusso. Master Brusso has a gift to teach....a Legendary Sensei and friend. I have learned a great deal from him. Well worth your time and investment in this 2 DVD set." Well in this case you would have an unlimited life time access to the online video which you can down load too if you want! Hurry up and get this special while they last.

Yes, and she is a beauty! I'm holding the price the same as the original black version but not for long...
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Teach: earn money and save peoples lives. Does it get better then this? No martial arts experience required!
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Take the fear out of defending yourself!
Factoid 2012: there were 143,119 cases of aggravated assault with a firearm: 123,701 with a knife; 214,484 other weapon and: 176,241 with hands/fists/feet. Source
It's really all about giving you options to save your life when the bad guy comes a calling!
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